Feature rich, easy to use Content Management System

The MantisShop Content Management system was specifically developed from the ground up for running an Ecommerce business.

Your website will include a full featured, easy to use content management system. This enables you to log into an ‘admin’ area from any computer connected to the internet and modify certain aspects of your website. The content manager will let you add and remove products & photos, links and process orders via a simple, intuitive menu system.

This gives you great power and flexibility, allowing you and your staff to update information on the website immediately without going through a website designer.

The content manager will also include a ‘page editor’ system allowing you to lay out pages in an interface very similar to Microsoft Word. The page editor includes the following features:

  • Microsoft Word compatible editor.
  • Spell Check (including customisable dictionary).
  • Upload / insert images, PDF files, videos, flash and documents.
  • Add, edit and remove an unlimited number of pages and subpages
  • Re-arrange the order of pages shown on the menu and add pages an infinite number of levels deep.
  • Easy to use visual editor – what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).
  • Automatic title and Meta tags for each page you create which will help with your search engine optimisation and rankings. You can also override any of these with your own title and meta tags for further fine tuning.
  • Works on all modern browsers and computers (PC's, MAC, IPAD, smartphones, etc.)

Support for unlimited products, brands, categories and subcategories

The products area supports unlimited categories (and unlimited levels of subcategories), items and photos (only restricted by your hosting package disk space). Addition and editing of products is done via the content manager. When uploading a product photo a thumbnail is automatically generated.

You will be able to store multiple photos for each product if you wish.

You will also be able to store multiple options and prices for each product (such as sizes, colours, etc.)

You will be able to mark products as ‘on special’ and also easily hide them from public use (a good idea if a product is temporarily unavailable).

Products can also be assigned to more than one category at a time. This allows you to add a product and tick which category it belongs to without having to add the product to each category individually.

The products area of the content manager also has a ‘bulk update’ feature that allows you to see all your products on one screen and updated prices and options at the click of a button (saving a great deal of time and effort when needing to update prices).

We have spent many years developing ecommerce solutions and we can assure you that your site will be very easy to manage.

Your business 'at a glance' dashboard

The CMS features a powerful dashboard that gives you access to all your vital information as soon as you log in with quick links to main sections of the CMS.

The information shown on the dashboard includes:

  • Orders to be processed
  • Orders awaiting payment
  • Orders on backorder / on hold
  • Products low on stock
  • Products sold out
  • Product reviews pending approval
  • Products currently in customer wishlists but out of stock
  • And much more!

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