Cloud accounting integration

Cloud based accounting programs like Saasu and Xero are gaining more and more popularity as businesses recognise the convenience, flexability, security and price advantages of cloud based software.

Cloud based software are programs that run through a browser and can run on any computer, tablet and even smartphones from anywhere that has an internet connection. They also take care of upgrades, security, backups etc. so you don't need to worry about these issues.

MantisShop integrates seamlessly with the most popular cloud based accounting programs Saasu and Xero. This automated integration has the following advantages:

  • New customers that register on your website are automatically created in Saasu or Xero
  • When new orders are placed, they are automatically created in Saasu or Xero for the specific customer
  • Eliminates errors caused by double entry, reduces the time and effort needed for day to day administration and ensures your accounting software is always up to date with the latest sales information from your site
  • Works 24/7 so orders placed when you are closed or even asleep are automatically being updated in your accounting software
  • Allows easy reconciling via bank feeds as invoice numbers automatically match up between accounting, your website and your merchant facilities


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